FullSizeRender-1One of my all-time favorite Tarot activities is reading for fictional characters. I’ve read for characters on several TV shows (as well as books and plays). My favorite, by far, has been the Walking Dead. When I came across a post-apocalyptic-themed deck, the Omegaland Tarot, I knew I wanted it for these readings. I wanted to know if this would be as good a fit as I was hoping for, so I decided to do a modified Deck Interview Spread. There are lots of variations on this type of spread (easily found by Goggling), used to help a reader get to know the personality and quirks of a new deck. I tweaked some of the standard questions to see how the Omegaland Tarot will perform for Walking Dead readings specifically. I’ve included the key words from the LWB (little white book), as well as my own interpretation of each card. Oh! And I tried to keep the specific references to events on the Walking Dead fairly vague, so there shouldn’t be any real spoilers.

If you’re interested in seeing actual readings for the Walking Dead, please like and comment so I know that there’s interest. I mean, I’m gonna do the readings either way, but I’ll only post them if someone will actually read them. So let me know!



1.) What can you show/teach me about the Walking Dead?

5 of Swords: “discord, hostilities”
There’s a lot of winner/loser dynamics involved in the show. Rick versus the Governor, Daryl versus Negan, Maggie versus Gregory. But also many of the characters versus themselves. It’s so easy to let your humanity slip away while you’re trying to just survive. Especially when outside forces are waiting to kill you and steal your stuff. Sometimes, you score the hidden cache of supplies, sometimes your crops and home are blown up. You win some, you lose some. The best you can do is try to be better: better than the bad guys, better than your worst self, better than the last time. This card is saying that the Omegaland deck will help uncover the motivations behind actions (especially negative ones); and show the possible consequences that may not be apparent to the characters as they make plans and take action.


2.) Describe how you’ll approach readings for the Walking Dead.

Ace of Cups: “emotion”
Emotions govern so much of what happens on the Walking Dead. Fear, loyalty, love, revenge, compassion, disappointment. And Hope. Even after suffering great losses (the farm, the prison, and so many character deaths), the prevailing emotion driving the show is hope. The next run will bring in supplies, the people of Alexandria can be trained to fight, alliances between communities will be upheld. The Omegaland deck is willing to see the humanity in all of the characters, willing to dig into their emotional states, which directly impact their actions and reactions.


3.) Describe your view of the overarching theme(s) of the Walking Dead.

7 of Wands: “solidity”
There’s conflict galore on the show, but also a sense of family and community, loyalty, friendship, and having one another’s back. Since the first season, the show has focused on people coming together to make it through this mess. The Omegaland deck is showing the importance of strong and prolonged defense as a theme on the Walking Dead: from the physical defense of “clearing the fence” at the prison, to Daryl jumping into action to protect complete strangers on a bridge, to Enid leaving Alexandria to defend herself against the pain of further loss. We’ve seen characters defend their actions to others and to themselves. But mostly, I see this as the defense of Humanity: what’s the point of just surviving if you never have the chance to truly live?


4.) What kind of working relationship will you have with the Walking Dead?

10 of Swords Rx: “death, utter defeat”
If there is one thing you can count on this show for, it’s endings. Characters you’ve grown to love will die. Seemingly safe places will be breached. Pain and suffering are inevitable in the apocalypse. But the Walking Dead, like the Tarot, isn’t about finality. Every ending is a new beginning, nothing is permanent, everything changes. This card gives a sense of genuinely experiencing grief and rage and other shadow emotions, in order to integrate them and move forward. I also see the sense of acceptance that sacrifices must be made to protect the people one cares about, and to protect the values these characters hold dear: Guillermo and his crew staying in the city to protect the residents of an old-folks’ home, Denise trying to save the humanity of the captured Wolf, Carol making moral sacrifices to save the lives of her friends. This card is showing that the Omegaland deck won’t shy away from the darkness of the Walking Dead because “this too shall pass” and a new beginning is around the corner.


5.) The potential of using you to do readings for the Walking Dead.

King of Wands: “brilliance”
There might be a bit of moral superiority coming from this deck when used to read for the Walking Dead. Hey, this deck knows the lay of the apocalyptic land; it’s seen the darkness, the pain and loss, but it’s seen the goodness of average people too. There’s wisdom borne from experience, and authority is the result. This king is a leader, full of enthusiasm, an active nature, a need to lead by example. They’ve made sacrifices, even been the bad guy when necessary, in order to protect and provide for others. It doesn’t hurt that this guy looks like Rick, right? I’m seeing this card as a benevolent consultant and advisor, showing that this deck will be firm but fair in its revelations about the characters of the Walking Dead. We may not see eye-to-eye on the choices about to be made, but this deck is ready, willing and able to dig deep, with compassion, to find subtle meaning in the events that will unfold.


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